Registration Services

Registration Renewal


Life keeps us busy. Don't wait in line to get your registration tags. We can get you in and out of the door in 10 min or less. 

Vehicle Title Transfers


Purchased a car, and need to get it in your name. We can help. Call Us

One Day Trip Permits


One day trip permits are used to move a vehicle with expired tags for i.e. smog checks, or to move from one storage location to another. 

Vehicle Record Inquiry


Simular to a carfax, a vehicle inquiry lets you know if there are any fees or tickets attached to a car registration. We can help with this. 

Substitute Plates, Stickers, and Reg Cards


Ever had your tags or license plate stolen. Or maybe lost your registration. We can help

Vehicle Verifications


Vehicle verifications are preformed on-site by a California Department of Motor Vehicle licensed vehicle verifier.